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Michael grew up in St. Petersburg, FL where he graduated from St. Petersburg College.  Michael spent the first several years of his career in the Jewelry business which would ignite his passion for helping clients with purchases at special times in their lives.

From there a good friend introduced Michael to an opportunity in Atlanta, GA in the mortgage industry.  Michael jumped at the chance to experience another part of the country and use what he had learned in his past opportunity and grow in a new industry and help clients in another important phase of their lives.  Starting out as a Loan Officer Michael quickly went through the career progressions to become a Regional Vice President of Sales.  His passion and dedication to his clients helped drive his career.

Since this experience Michael has worked in all facets of the mortgage industry from mortgage banking, correspondent lending and now the broker side of the business.  Michael has help thousands of clients from the first-time homebuyer, the self-employed borrower and everyone in between.  Michael’s experience makes the homebuying or refinance process far more efficient. 


Michael’s goal is to educate his clients to the mortgage process which helps makes the experience far less stressful for his clients and helps keep the experience a special one. He considers has past clients his friends, and has been invited to house warming parties, birthdays and weddings of his former clients.  Building these sort of relationships is how Michael feels he has achieved success. 

In his spare time Michael’s passions are his wife Erin and daughter Isla. He loves to travel with his family, enjoys cooking on the big green egg, golf and taking his dog Oliver on walks. 

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At Rocky Top Lending we've been helping customers afford the home of their dreams for many years and we love what we do. Reach out and let's get started today. 

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